A clean white kitchen with some pots on the hob and a mini lemon tree

With little ones roaming around, not sparing even the kitchen from their tantrums, our cooking spaces can become a mess in no time. Even without the help of the tiny humans, the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home meaning that it can get tired quite quickly. Of course, that calls for an update. A kitchen makeover can fix your kitchen quickly, making it presentable as well as the rightful abode for preparing healthy food for your family.

And, it doesn’t have to be a burden on your budget. Small changes in your kitchen can entirely transform it without costing you an arm or a leg. Wondering how?

Let’s walk you through some fantastic, budget-friendly small changes that can make all the difference in your kitchen:

1. Arrange your most-used items on a tray

You’d be surprised to know how much of a saviour a tray can be if a lot of your kitchen items like oil jars, and salt and pepper mills tend to be splayed on the countertop. Corral all such items artfully in a tray. A tray will not only keep these most-used items within arm’s reach but save space too. Plus, it makes for good display in your kitchen, tidying it up. It’s a change well-worth trying immediately.

2. Use old plates for wall décor

If you’ve a stash of old plates, then you’re in luck because these can help with a DIY kitchen makeover. Stick the old plates on the wall using plate hangers or removable strips. It’s best if you can find plates with contrasting colours or patterns that go with the rest of the cooking space. If you don’t have any old plates, think about heading to a yard sale for making cheap and colourful updates to your kitchen.

3. Refreshing your kitchen cabinets with a new sparkling colour

One of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen is by refreshing the cabinetry. With the kids playing around, a crisp white colour update might not be the way to go. White gives your kitchen a spacious and clean look, but it’s quick to get dirty with children in the house.

You can always work around with this idea though. Paint your upper cabinets that are out of your child’s reach with a white coating. Go for dark grey with a matte finish for your lower cabinets. If you take a liking to bolder contrasts, you can pair the white with a navy or vibrant blue shade.

Mint green and yellow are two more options for a mini kitchen makeover. No matter which colour you finalise, keep in mind that it shouldn’t suppress your kitchen’s space. The colour should add to the space instead of the other way around.

For more information on your color choices and styles, see this link!

4. Declutter the cabinets

Another simple and effective kitchen update revolves around clearing out and arranging the kitchen cabinets.

On your part, this requires only an investment of time and a bit of energy. Your cabinets are home to several expired powders. In fact, you may even find some lost items there – stuffed into the background. Besides, decluttering comes with two more benefits.

For one, clutter around you adds to your mental load so by sifting through long-stocked items and preserving only those that you need, you’ll be doing your brain a favour. Not to mention, arranging cabinets helps you keep things handy, saving time, and the frustration for looking for items that you just can’t seem to find.

5. Line the length of your cabinet with washi tape

If you’re feeling creative then this might be an option for you. Another cabinet-related trick is to line your cabinet shelf with washi tape. Most washi tape rolls share a cabinet shelf’s width. So a fun way to makeover your kitchen and add a pop of colour is by lining the cabinet shelves with washi tape.

6. Line the drawers with decorative paper

While we’re at the cabinets, here’s another kitchen makeover idea for them – line the kitchen cabinets and drawers with some decorative paper. You’ll thank yourself when you open your drawers. Not in the mood of going to the store to get decorative paper? Grab some colourful newspaper pages or old magazine pages and add them to your drawers.

7. Add a fruit or healthy food basket

A bowl of fruit sitting on a clean white kitchen countertop

Introduce a basket or two containing healthy food to your kitchen. Place the basket in one of the lower drawers or someplace the kids can reach it. Or prepare a fruit basket. This will help you beat two birds with one stone – update your kitchen as well as helping to encourage the kids to eat healthy.

8. Install a hook in the wall

If you are one to leave your dish towel lying around, then this small change is going to make your day. Add a hook to your kitchen wall, inside the pantry door, the cabinet side, or wherever you want.

Next, hang your towel instead of balling  them up or hoarding them into a drawer. Bonus points if you can tack a decorative hook that complements your kitchen décor.

9. Add floating shelves to your kitchen

More storage? Yes, please. That’s all of us in chorus. A practical kitchen update is to install floating shelves. These are rustic ledges that go above the sink, adding more space and giving your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank.

Stack glasses, dishes, and other utensils here. You can also add some artwork or plant pots, which add a pop of bright to your kitchen. If you’re in the mood to update your pots and pans, now is the time. Get some brightly coloured utensils and set them on the ledge. This is a particularly amazing idea if the rest of your kitchen in monochromatic.

10. Prepare a wall of chalkboard paint

Between making sure your kids are tidy, well-fed, and entertained among other things, it’s common to have flaky memory. We’ve all been there where you hit your head against the wall. So much for healthy eating!

This is the exact reason why we’ve added this kitchen transformation tip here. Although slightly on the pricey side (hey, you can always go DIY!), a pantry door with chalkboard paint not only revamps your cooking corner but also makes it functional. Use the chalkboard surface to plan out daily meals or create a grocery list then and there!

11. Make some additions such as adding a rug to your kitchen

Bright yellow tulips on a dining table in a kitchen

Lastly, rugs, herb pots, plants, and flower vases are all great transformations for your cooking room. Get a cotton rug, roughly 4×6-inch. The size, of course, varies as per your kitchen’s size.

You can also recycle an old vase and add some brightly-coloured flowers to it. Alternatively, add some plant pots to your kitchen for updating its look. There’s one more option here – grow a small herb garden on your windowsill in pots or teacups.

So, there are our 11 tips for refreshing your kitchen. There are some small changes in there that can make a really large impact and some of them are really handy for productivity in the kitchen. 

If you’d like to chat to us a little bit about making some changes to your kitchen, feel free to contact us at qzkitchenmakeovers.co.uk or give us a ring on 0333 577 9266

Thanks to Marcin Galusz, bialasiewicz, and Amber Turner for the photographs in this blog post.