It’s possible that you’ve come to a conclusion this summer… your kitchen needs a refresh.

Summer is a common time for people to start thinking about having work done on their homes. Maybe you’ve been looking over your options and it all seems too pricey or you just don’t know when you’ll have the time to be without a kitchen.

This is exactly where we can help you, in this blog post we’ll be talking about the five top reasons why QzStone could be exactly what you are looking for.


They are gorgeous and come in so many different colours.


We’ve put this up at number one because the most important part is the way it changes your kitchen and makes you feel. Our QzStone palette is broad enough that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, from deep blacks and blue hues to light and airy greys and whites, there will be something there that hits all the right notes for your kitchen.

 If you’re having trouble coming to a decision on colour choices then our team are always on hand to have a chat and see what would be the best fit for your room.


It’s hardy and ready for any challenges that you might make it face.


One of the things that you really want in a work surface is durability. Your work surfaces have probably been through a lot in their time with hot pans being placed on them, knives scratching the surfaces and food covering them. QzStone can stand up to all the challenges that you put in it’s way. The material is highly durable being made of 90% natural Quartz – it won’t scratch due to general use and you won’t have any trouble with staining because of its non-porous properties. We have a 10 year manufacturers warranty that back up our claims because they’re made to last! 


It won’t take you forever to get back into the kitchen.


When you think about having a kitchen refit or renovated you’re probably thinking about a long extended period of time without the use of your kitchen. We’ve all heard the stories of families turning their living rooms into a makeshift kitchen whilst they get work done. Another of the reasons that QzStone is so handy is the fact that it can be placed swiftly so you don’t have to spend time worrying about cooking dinner in a microwave next to your sofa.

The Qz Kitchen Makeovers team won’t need to pull any of your existing cabinets or work surface out of place, the QzStone is measured to fit your current setup and is then installed over the top. Our quartz slabs are created to be thinner than you might think whilst still being able to hold up to daily use. Due to the size and ease of installation it will only take our team a day to get your new work surfaces fitted.


Qzstone is environmentally friendly whilst still having high quality.


As we’ve just mentioned, we reduce the thickness of the QzStone slabs which helps them be put in place significantly faster than most other kitchen makeover options. Our slabs are 6mm thick which means we are able to reduce the amount of quartz that we use by 65% per slab. 

One of the larger issues within the trades sectors is the amount of waste that’s created from creating new homes and living spaces. The reduction of material helps us to be sustainable and make sure that we aren’t overusing materials that have a significant impact on the environment. 

In addition, quartz is made from recycled materials – this in turn saves space in landfill where the materials would generally have ended up and gives your kitchen a new lease on life. 


It won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Last but not least we have the cost – we know that it can look very expensive when you are looking at trying to refresh your kitchen with many providers going way over what a normal budget might look like. The usage of QzStone enables us to make sure that the prices are kept down for you whilst still giving you the quality and look that you really want from your makeover. 

Our sustainability initiative with keeping quartz usage low helps in keeping the price down for you and the ease of installation means that you won’t be paying for a team to be in your house for weeks at a time. 

If you’re looking for a solution that will save you time and money then our work surfaces might be what you’re after. We do our very best to make sure that your installation is seamless and efficient whilst you still receive the product that you really want. Click on this link to learn more about work services or here to contact us for more information.