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How to update the look and feel of your kitchen without breaking the bank

Have you recently been looking around your kitchen and feeling a little uninspired? I think this is something that we all deal with from time to time, it’s nice to have a change of scenery.

When thinking about getting anything in your home renovated there is always one huge con in the way and often that’s the cost. It’s true that the costs for renovations on homes can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you want to emulate the current trends (sleek counters, minimalist style, lots of neutral and white tones).

So, how can you update the look of your kitchen without tearing a hole in your wallet?

Hands holding a pot of money that is used as part of the ktichen budget

Set yourself a budget and stick to it

It’s like what they say about shopping, don’t go in on an empty stomach or you’ll find your trolley full of snacks and extra food that you don’t need. With a renovation, it’s always a good idea to get a grasp on the amount you want to spend. A full kitchen renovation is always much more expensive than having a few bits here and there updated, if you want more on this subject check out our recent blog post.

Have a chat with the family and decide on a budget for yourself, this will help keep you on track in terms of finances and it will help you make decisions further down the line.

Kitchen utensils in a variety of ceramic pots and vases.

Decide on the priorities for an update in your kitchen

Think about your pain points in the kitchen. If you decide that you want to keep costs down then it would be worth your time to spend the money on parts of your kitchen that will really make an impact.

Most people find that they get tired with the colour choices they’ve made in their kitchen, this means paint schemes as well as counters and cabinet doors. Thankfully, these are some of the aspects of your kitchen that can be updated easily, especially with the right products.

Kitchen counters and doors often get the worst deal when it comes to longevity as they are constantly in use. As such they are the main focus of many kitchen renovations, often meaning that they are pulled out completely and a new set is put in.

If the issue with your kitchen isn’t the space or layout, there is a much better alternative to a complete refit. At Qz Kitchen Makeovers we use a product that truly stands the test of time (we even have a 10 year warranty to back that claim up) and its much more cost effective than the alternative.

Our QzStone is fit over your existing worktop which means it doesn’t take long to do and that it saves you money. We have a huge range of colours to choose from to help make your kitchen feel like new.

Man in a workshop working on a kitchen project.

Find the right person to make your kitchen dreams come to fruition

Once you’ve got a budget in mind and you’ve decided on the kitchen pain points that you want to fix, you’ll need to find someone to do the work for you. Unless you are brave and wanting to do it yourself of course!

Going into discussions with a designer can be nerve wracking, but you’ve already done part of the work by making some solid decisions on what you want done and what amount you are willing to spend.

Sometimes it can take a little while to find the right person for the job but if you are trying to keep your budget down then shopping around for someone that fits with your vision is important.

Keeping an eye on the time it tkae to complete your kitchen renovation.

Get a good idea of the time investment involved

This is the part that can see your costs sky rocketing. This timeline will be dependent on the scope of work that you’ve decided on for your kitchen but if it takes a longer time to implement it’s usually going to cost more.

Think about the time that you want your kitchen to be out of action for, set a tentative end date for yourself. If you’d rather not deal with a long timeline then you might want to look at some of the other options out there that expedite the process, whilst still getting the look and feel that you desire.

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How can QzM help you reach your goals?

If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, doesn’t take months to complete and has the ability to really change your living space for the better then we might be just what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the ways that we help to keep the costs down:

  • Our process is quick, we come and measure the counter space that you have in the kitchen, go back to the workshop and fabricate the QzStone to fit your space. Your counters will then be fitted in about 1 -2 days depending on the size of the job!
  • We use a 6MM slab to overlay your worktops, this means that you aren’t spending extra money on a huge slab of quartz.
  • Unlike many other kitchen worktop materials, there is no regular upkeep needed to keep you counters looking brand new.

If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation without the fuss and associated costs then feel free to have a chat with us. We’d love to hear your ideas and help you make your kitchen reach it’s potential. You can reach us by phone on 0333 577 9266 or by email at info@qzkitchenmakeovers.co.uk