In this series we’ll be showcasing some of the work that we’ve done in the past. In this week’s post we are looking at a kitchen we transformed for a family. Sometimes a simple change is really all that’s needed to give a room a bit of an update – in this case a color change can make a huge difference.


The kitchen in question is a family sized space with a fair amount of counter space and ample storage. 

The issue that the customer experienced with their kitchen was a lack of sparkle and brightness. The counters that they had in the kitchen were a deep wood which led to the room feeling quite dark. 

The cupboards in the kitchen are a creamy white which blends well with the dark brown. The room benefits from having a large window to let in natural light. However, the family wanted a change and though that getting an update to the colour would be a great way to go about it. 

The kitchen cabinets had recently been done and so all they needed was a quick update to the countertops. 

Before version of a client's kitchen,


Our solution for their colour update was to discuss their options. At QzMakeovers we work with a material called QzStone, we use this to create beautiful quartz work surfaces. The installation of the QzStone slabs is quick and easy meaning that the work can be done in just a day. 

We measure the work space surface, then head back and measure the quartz to cut it, ready to be placed over the client’s existing surface. 

There are multiple colour choices that we offer, this client decided to go for something that would really make their kitchen stand out and look impressive. 


The result for the kitchen was this beautiful makeover. The stone marbling effect on the worktops blend brilliantly with the white of the cupboards. The colour also works wonderfully with the natural light coming in through the window and the ceiling light fittings. As you can see from the image, the room now looks much brighter and also gives the impression of more space.

The client’s response: “The Qzstone worktops are stunning. All the guys have been great, arrived on time and everything was brilliant. The final look is amazing, thank you so much!!’

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