Oven and extractor with long kitchen worktops

There are a multitude of appliance styles, technology, design and all with differing specifications. Its no wonder that starting to think about appliances can feel a little overwhelming!

It needn’t be though, as we are here to help. Whether it be a sleek modern hob or a country style range, our design consultants will use their expert knowledge to guide you through every step of the selection process, from design and layout to colour and models. Whatever your budget we can find something to suit your specifications.

Make a plan.

What do we mean by that? You have already decided that you want to makeover your kitchen. You know the layout well, so have a think about how you use the space. Does your current appliance positioning work for you? If not we can chat through how to make the best use of space and functionality.

What sort of style do you prefer? Getting an idea of style and finishes that will complement your kitchen helps to narrow down search criteria. Stainless steel is incredibly popular as not only is it long lasting and durable, but it is also very easy to clean – always a bonus!

Perhaps you are wanting to get some more information about built in appliances, as to create that streamline look. If built in is not for you, bear in mind handles, knobs, touch screen, buttons and displays as all of these things add to the overall look of your kitchen. In this planning stage it is also wise to think about your budget; we can then work with this to give you plenty of ideas.

Which appliances are you thinking about updating?

A freshly completed kitchen with hob and extractor fan.

The number one appliance that gets updated along with new QzStone worktops is the sink. Sink plus a tap we should say. The two tend to come hand in hand…

What is there to think about when it comes to the sink, you may be wondering. Well, sinks have come such a long way in terms of material, style and functions. There is now plenty to think about. We are seeing a rise in popularity of the composite sink, in particular the Silgranite Sink from established manufacturer Blanco.

Your sink options

The material composition consists of up to 80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, and a high quality acrylic matrix. If water marks on sinks is a real bug bear for you then this could be the solution as water just rolls off this composite sink, leaving no residue!

They are so easy to maintain, clean and keep hygienic. In addition to thinking about the material of your sink what about the size and shape? If you have plenty of space you could opt for a double bowl. Even if you have limited space there are small single bowls that could work. In addition, you can super charge your sink by having a waste disposal unit installed. The benefits of this kind of unit are vast, including the main one which is having far less food waste to throw away.

They are an effective way to save money and mess, as well as helping the environment. Don’t forget about the tap – boiling water taps, chrome taps and pull out taps – we’ve got it all covered.

Let’s talk about the oven and hob

A small portion of a kitchen makeover making a big difference.

Do you want them together in one place or does it make more sense to you to have your hob in one part of your kitchen and the oven in another? This is a big kitchen decision.

There are advantages to both options, depending on how you use your kitchen. For example, if you prepare lots of dishes using the hob to start and then the oven to finish you may want them together in one unit. If you often have multiple people cooking in the one space then having a separate hob and oven could make more sense.

Another important decision to make is the fuel source. Induction hobs are increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. If you like a quick boil then induction could well be for you. Induction hobs continue to win speed tests, beating their electric and gas counterparts time and time again. They are fantastic at maintaining a simmering temperature and super easy to keep clean. Induction hobs look sleek and modern, so if you are wanting to makeover for a new contemporary feel we can talk through all the options available.

No need to feel left out if modern isn’t the route you are going; if country and classic style is more to your taste we can supply and install gas hobs including range cookers, for more information on this – pop over to our oven and hob page!.

Hoods hold an important function…

That function is to provide ventilation. A proper ventilation system removes steam, heat and odours from your kitchen, as well as helping to keep your kitchen grease and condensation free.

An extractor hood removes this using ducting which leads to the outside of your home. They are an effective and fast option. When installing, they need to be mounted to an external wall and require a grease filter, which is usually included. If you cannot install ducting in your home a redirecting hood would be the answer. These hoods clean the air with filters and then reintroduce it back into the kitchen.

Hoods don’t have to be all function and no style though. Far from it! With sleek lines or curves and even clever lighting and glass options; some have the real wow factor!

Contacting us!

Remember, choosing the right appliances not only make aesthetically pleasing additions to your kitchen but can also help to make your life easier. If you would like more information on making over your kitchen, get in touch today by calling 0333 577 9266 or send us an message on info@qzkitchenmakeovers.co.uk.