Recommended Care Products

Taking care of your stone

To retain the factory diamond polish finish, wipe the surface with a cloth or sponge using warm water and a mild household detergent. Do not use scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper or abrasive cleansers. Avoid leaving any food spills overnight. Clean with warm soapy water and a cloth such as the recommended product below.

Although the product provides heat resistance and can withstand moderately hot temperatures for brief periods of time without being damaged, excessive heat and localised thermal shock can cause damage. Therefore use a hot pad or trivet.

Avoid exposure to strong chemicals, acids, solvents, ketones, acetone, methylene chloride, paint strippers, permanent markers and high alkaline cleaners. Should accidental exposure occur, promptly wipe the substance and rinse with water and a cloth.

Avoid overfilling and leaking kettles. Also avoid vessels sitting on spills.

Use the durable and highly absorbent Kitchen Cloth, with its gentle scouring pocket, to effortlessly lift, trap and remove all stubborn stains, grease and bacteria from kitchen surfaces and appliances, all with just water.

There is no need to struggle with those tough cleaning challenges, when e-cloth’s Kitchen Pack provides everything you need to tackle grease and grime on surfaces and appliances. Our specialised cleaning and polishing cloth will leave them gleaming.

The Kitchen Pack includes 2 specialist cloths for making short work of cleaning the kitchen and appliances. The Kitchen Cloth effortlessly removes grease, grime and bacteria with just water; the scrubbing pocket loosens stuck-on food residues. The Glass & Polishing Cloth quickly absorbs moisture and eliminates grease and fingerprints from all kitchen surfaces – leaving a sparkling finish.

The Kitchen Cloth with scrubbing pocket, loosens and removes thick grease, dirt and bacteria. The Glass & Polishing Cloth brings a streak free finish to stainless steel, glass and shiny surfaces, all using just water.

How e-cloths work:
E-cloths have 480,000 fibres per cm2. By combining e-cloth’s unique fibre technology with water they break up and hold grease, dirt and bacteria, which normal cloths leave behind.

Chemical-free healthy living, Removes over 99% of bacteria, 1 removes grease, dirt & bacteria – 1 polishes all shiny surfaces, Good Housekeeping Institute approved 2016, Cleans with just water – save time, No chemicals needed – save money, Scrubbing pocket – shifts stuck-on dirt

E-cloth & your health
Using e-cloths, with just water, reduces the need for chemicals, which can have harmful effects, especially on mothers and babies and those who suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.

The BA Door Care Kit is Suitable for use with all door finishes and is especailly effestive on high gloss finishes

Kit includes a 235ml aerosol of VuPlex® polish, micro anti scratch polishing cloth and full instructions.

  • VuPlex® effortlessly removes stains that other cleaners won’t touch, by applying a micro-layer of protectant, sealing the porous surface.
  • The polished finish makes the plastic resistant to debris, oil, scratches and yellowing. It also makes fine scratches less visible.
  • Water and other contaminates are repelled from the surface giving added protection. The residual film is also safe on food preparation surfaces.
  • The anti-static properties help to repel dust and abrasive materials.

VuPlex® works on countless plastic products, preventing premature wear while helping them to look their best. VuPlex® produces a shiny, cleaner, more lustrous finish with no smears or smudges. It makes colored plastics vibrant, clear plastics virtually transparent and plastic paints gleaming like new.