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Incredible Value Overlay Worktops

A beautiful, versatile, environmentally friendly and economical quartz surface. QzStone’s 6mm thickness reduces quartz consumption by over 65% per slab. We adopt environmental programs to ensure a long product life cycle, whilst minimising environmental loads.

Our overlay worktops can be fitted in just one day!

QzStone is manufactured through a propriety formulation and processing technique. This unique Australian manufacturing facility produces the most advanced and toughest quartz surface.
More than 90% natural quartz is combined with a high performance acrylic polymer. A multi filament glass mesh is encapsulated within the slab as additional reinforcement. QzStone slabs are Diamond polished to a hard-wearing lustrous gloss finish. Standard slabs are available in 3050 x 1300 x 6mm. This lightweight slab provides ease of handling, ease of fabrication and installation.
Waste reduction is obtained, which decreases the environmental load by over 65% when compared to other quartz surfaces.

QzStone is manufactured in a responsible and sustainable process.

Our Work Surface Palette

Colour reproduction may vary slightly from actual product.

Due to the use of natural and recycled products, colours and textures may differ from batch to batch.

Colours depicted are as close as the internet process allows.
Some colours include mirror or pearl particles.
QzStone contains over 90% natural quartz and batch variation can occur due to the quartz.

State-of-the-art Surfaces

QzStone is Australian made, solid non-porous one piece material with exceptional scratch, stain, heat and impact resistance

Our stone benefits from a hygienic high hardness level of over 7.5 MOHS making it tough and durable and is a flexible product resisting chipping and cracking with excellent UV stability

QzStone is backed by a 10 year warranty and is manufactured in a range of 36 colours.

The QzStone way

What distinguishes QzStone from other hard surface finishes is that we make the material ourselves, we fabricate the worktops and other makeover elements in our local workshops, we measure and fit the material using skilled craftsmen and provide a 10 year material warranty. If you ask us to fit replacement cabinet doors, we apply similar care and attention to those too.

We measure up and tailor them to fit your existing units, install them alongside your worktops and other interior finishes, and provide a six-year door warranty.

Our trained craftsmen will arrive at your home in a smart liveried vehicle, equipped with all the tools and materials required to carry out the job, then complete the work quickly, efficiently and unobtrusively, usually in just one day.

Peace of mind from Qz Kitchen Makeovers

We provide warranties on all products and work surfaces.

Individual manufacturer's warranty information will be supplied upon installation.

Non-Porous and Resistant to Heat, Knocks Cuts and Scratches

QzStone is made of over 90% natural Quartz contouring with a high performance acrylic polymer to produce the most advanced and toughest quartz surface in the market place. Tougher than stone, more flexible than wood, our surfaces are made to last. Yet at just a quarter of an inch thick, they are lighter than you ever thought possible.

Our materials are made to fit right onto existing worktops and tiles, bonding permanently to the original substrate.

There’s little-added depth, no need to remove the original surface, no necessity for added reinforcement, as with heavy granite slab, and no builder’s waste for disposal. Just a lastingly handsome, diamond-polished surface that is non-porous and resistant to heat, knocks, cuts and scratches. All our stone worktop overlays have a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.