Tools used for renovations and makeovers in kitchens and the construction sector

While it’s easy to think of a kitchen makeover and renovation as two peas in a pod, they are essentially different terms with different meanings. Hard to swallow?

That’s because both of these words are frequently used interchangeably, , leading to all kinds confusion.

Let’s pan out the difference. A makeover revolves around cosmetic changes – much like oiling parts of a machine to make it work smoothly instead of opening it and replacing some of its parts. On the other hand, a renovation involves scraping the entire structure to build a new one in its stead.

Of course, there is a lot that goes into deciding between oiling your machine or replacing its parts. For instance, you look into your budget, the time on your plate, and how serious the machine’s complaints are.

Now think of this decision in terms of a kitchen makeover or refit and you can see the stark difference between the two. Read on as we dig into the depth of the differences between a kitchen makeover and renovation:

What’s a kitchen makeover?

A kitchen makeover is your kitchen’s upgrade. It involves minor changes that leave a big impact. For example, changing the appliances, updating the flooring or installing new kitchen cupboards and worktops.

A makeover breathes new life into your cooking area without pulling out your kitchen entirely and changing its layout. Putting it slightly differently, a kitchen update polishes the kitchen in a more aesthetic manner. On the other hand, a complete renovation goes deep into the roots of the kitchen and changes everything from top to bottom.

What’s a kitchen renovation?

As mentioned, renovation includes demolition and construction. It’s a refit that changes the look of things, a rebuild that brings down the structure and builds it up from scratch.

Naturally, this takes a lot more time than a makeover. And the expenses are far more likely to skyrocket in contrast to a kitchen makeover. Not to forget, a kitchen refit involves changes in the layout and structure.

What’s the difference between a kitchen makeover and renovation?

Looking closely at the definition of both an upgrade and reconstruction gives a good idea of the differences between the two. You can pick the following differences:

  • Budget differences
  • Differences in the work timeline
  • Variations in the project scope

Let’s look into the details.

How to decide whether you need a kitchen revamp or refit?

Now that the differences are out of the way, the obvious question in mind is – how would you know whether your kitchen needs a makeover or a refit? 

Check out these factors to help you decide:

Your budget: This is an obvious one. Since a makeover does not involve construction but cost-effective updates, it tends to be economical, keeping the quotes lower than if you were doing a complete renovation.

The time on your hands: This is another big one. To recap, the update is a matter of a few days, depending on the work involved and your kitchen’s size. On the flip side, reconstruction takes months.

The work that your kitchen requires or your plans: Lastly, you need to look at the work that is required in your kitchen. If you want to groom the look and enhance your kitchen’s functionality, a makeover is all that you need.

Additionally, a makeover is best when your requirement is changing your house. That’s why we’ve dedicated the next section to how a kitchen upgrade wins points over an entire renovation plan. 

Four reasons why a kitchen makeover is better than entire reconstruction

Some reasons are pretty obvious. Others not so much. Let’s go:

1. Kitchen makeovers are fit for times when you’re selling your house

Having a revamp to your kitchen’s look and functionality while is a brilliant way to add value to your home and it might be a worthwhile option for you if you’re looking to sell your home soon. 

2. Makeovers are budget-friendly

The costs involved in a kitchen makeover are determined by the work required and the size of your kitchen.

3. Makeovers are time-saving too

Makeovers are quick and clean. Plus, you won’t have to eat out at the local eatery just around the corner while your kitchen in pulled apart during a renovation. 

4. Makeovers improve your kitchen’s functionality

Last but not least, a revamp does an excellent job at enhancing your cooking room’s functionality. For instance, replacing loose cabinets will speed up your work process.

Summing up

To conclude, a kitchen makeover revamps and enhances your kitchen’s look, whereas, a renovation plan tears it down to build a new one. This translates into more time, cost, and labour going into the refit with the makeover taking only weeks instead of months. 

So what have you decided? Give us a call on 0333 577 9266 if you’d like to discuss your options further.

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