Lighting is one of those things that you don’t often consider as an important part of your home, let alone your kitchen. I know that I don’t – in fact, we tend to be more focused on the things that we see around us, the tiling, the oven and sinks. However, lighting can have a big impact on the perceived space that you have in the room and it can change the overall feeling the room gives off.

Having natural light in a room is often considered the best option, with all kinds of health benefits included. There are a few problems that we come across when thinking about natural kitchen lighting though, firstly – what window space do you already have and is there anything blocking the direct light into your home, this could be anything from trees to other buildings that cause shadows. For this issue, there isn’t much that anyone can do to help, changing window placement is generally a large job and moving a building or a tree is an even larger one.

The other problem that is really important in the kitchen is making sure that the light is adequate. Living in the UK, the light from the outside can be quite muted unless you are in the middle of a heatwave like the one we saw a few weeks ago. The majority of the year we have a lot of cloud coverage which doesn’t mesh well with trying to get things happening safely in your kitchen.

So, if natural light isn’t an option for you, what could be done about the lighting in your home?

There are loads of options out there for different styles and types of lights that would work well in your kitchen. In the rest of this post we’ll be going over some of the points that you might want to think about and lighting styles that will fit with your style of kitchen.



1. Modern Kitchen


Modern kitchen with grey cabinets and spotlight lighting

With the current modern kitchens that we makeover, we see a huge trend in sleek countertops, matte cupboards and muted tones such as greys, duck egg blues and even dusky pinks. These types of kitchen will typically need strong lights to make sure that the workspace are usable but they should also help the room feel put together. The two types that you work well in these kinds of kitchens are;

  • Hanging lights
  • Spotlights and LED

Kitchens tend not to have too much floor space, having the light be moved upwards also help with visibility. Spotlights work well for people that like to have specific areas of the kitchen lit up or focused on. There is a lot of variety within these types of lights, hanging lights tend to be more of a centerpiece so you’ll have many types of materials and colours that you could try out. Spotlights tend to be more uniform but the placement of them can make a huge difference to the feel of your room. LED strip lights are an interesting addition to this section as you can play around with the colors of the light more that you can with a regular bulb light, you’ll also be able to add light to places that your hanging and spotlights wont reach such as the floor or under wall mounted cupboards.



2. Country-Style Kitchen


Large kitchen with wooden table and flooring and country style cabinets

Country style kitchens are a strange mix between newer trends mixed with throwbacks to farm style or large family kitchens. They will often include rustic cupboard fronting usually in a lighter tones and complementary darker wood (ceilings, tables etc).

Theming is a little more important in a country style kitchen as there are types of materials and styles that fit in well. Lighting for country style kitchens will usually come off a lot softer than their modern counterparts with the bulbs having a yellow hue to them or the lights themselves being hidden away in glass fronted cupboards or above the wall mounted variety. For lighting in a country style kitchen you might want to consider;

  • Sconce Fixtures
  • Table Lamps
  • Chandelier Lights
  • Cupboard Lights

As you can see, there are a fair few choices when it comes to a rustic style kitchen. The light choices will depend on the space you have in the room, many kitchens in the UK struggle with wall space for sconce lighting, it’s also not common for there to be a huge amount of room for a side table either but they are options to consider. The main light in the room would usually come from a hanging light, in many country style kitchens metal chandeliers make a wonderful centerpiece and can have a homey effect on the whole room. As mentioned above, you want to make sure that the quality of the light is right for the layout and the atmosphere that you are going for.



3. Galley Kitchen


A long thin kitchen with ample storage space and glossy modern cabinets.

This is a style that is common to UK kitchens, they are great space savers as the cupboards usually reach high up to the ceiling making use of that extra area. Galley kitchens are one of the more difficult to work with as walking space is so limited. Kitchens in the UK will have this sort of layout, including the prevalent Victorian homes. As you can probably tell if you own a kitchen like this, there isn’t a huge amount of space to hang a chandelier or wall sconces – however, that doesn’t mean you can make lighting changes that can help.

The kinds of lighting that you want to be looking for in this style of kitchen are;

  • Spotlights
  • Cabinet lighting

Spotlights are a great go to for this type of room, they enable you to save space whilst sufficiently lighting the room. Some people have issues with the stark bright that comes from them – using a dimmer switch to control the light intensity or buying bulbs that create a softer light can help with this. Your other main option is cabinet lighting, if you’ve got floor to ceiling storage this might be a little tricky, however – if you have space between the bottom cupboard and the wall mounted or some glass fronted cabinets, this option could work really well.

As a kitchen makeover company we work with these companies to make sure that you can make the most of your kitchen with the right lighting.




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