Warranty Information

QzKitchen Makeovers provides standard manufacturers warranty on all products. Individual manufacturer’s warranty information will be supplied with purchased products.

10 Year Limited Material Warranty on all stone products

(A) The Company’s obligation hereunder is limited solely to the repair or replacement of Product and/or re-performance of services purchased hereunder, including necessary labour charges. No implied or express warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is granted by this warranty except as expressly stated herein. Except as provided herein, the Company shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Product residentially or commercially hereunder.

(B) This warranty applies only to Products:-

1) Which fail due to a manufacturing defect;

2) For which the contract price is paid in full;

3) Which has not been moved from its original place of installation;

(C) QzKitchen Makeovers warrants only the original purchaser of the slabs for internal and commercial use. QzKitchen Makeovers’ company discretion applies when considering whether the company will replace or repair stone if it fails, due to a manufacturing problem during the first 10 years from date of installation. 

(B) This warranty will be invalidated by and does not cover damage or defect:-

1) Caused by your improper use of Product or subjection of Product to unauthorised repair;

2) Caused by your failure to follow Company instructions (including without limitation relating to preparation of surfaces or subjection of such surfaces to previous workmanship by third parties) or recommended procedures for fabrication and installation;

3) Caused by any work carried out which is not provided for in any order confirmation;

4) Caused by your failure to comply with instructions as to use and care of the Product;

5) Not notified by you within 14 days from the date on which such damage should have been apparent on reasonable inspection by you;

6) To Product produced, manufactured or supplied to any drawings, design or specification supplied by you;

7) Caused by physical abuse, or breakage not due to a Company defect in the manufacturing of the material;

8) Caused by failure of any adhesive, caulk, silicon or other finishing or maintenance accessories, or failure of any caulked, siliconed or filled joint or product join;

9) Not notified to the Company before the expiry of the appropriate 10 year warranty period.