A small and bright kitchen making good use of it's conter tops and cabinets.

A kitchen has to be workable. It should be a space that you like working in and feel comfortable spending time in. A kitchen is often planned at great length, from the positioning of the appliances to the layout of the worktop area. When planning a kitchen in a smaller space you still want all of the workability and comfort, but you have less actual space to play with. This does not have to be a disadvantage. It just may take a little bit more planning and some ingenious ideas. Both things QzKitchenMakeovers can help with!

We have some great ideas to help you makeover your smaller spaces.

Rethink handles

A selection of or kitchen door handles

Who would have thought that handles could have such an effect on space saving? They do though! Firstly, handles may not be practical in particularly small spaces as let’s be honest – they can catch your clothes and this is frustrating! A great solution is handless doors, these are doors that have an inset trough to use to open and close the door. They create a streamlined visual effect, that is oh so important when you have limited space. If handless is not for you, then you could always opt for slim line handles that follow the line of your door. The image above shows a selection of the handles that we have available for you kitchen doors.

Appliance size

This may sound like an obvious one, but appliance size matters and can make a real difference to the use of space in a kitchen. There are many slim line versions of your favourite appliances out there. You do not have to sacrifice appearance or product effectiveness.

Utilise your wall

Walls are hugely underused. Just think of them as extra space waiting to be properly utilised. Build shelves and use them for jars, cups and books. Hooks can be an attractive and effective way to get those utensils up off worktops and out of drawers to save space. Simple, yet it works so well.

What about your sink?

A work top with a large kitchen sink and a silver tap

Every kitchen needs a sink. It’s a given. You do not have to opt for an over lay sink if your space is limited. Choosing an undermount sink can save you precious worktop space. Sink size can be a factor for you to take into consideration too, as choosing a single bowl could be right for your kitchen if you have particularly limited space.

Choose your storage wisely

Have a think about choosing drawers instead of cupboards. Drawers can look very streamlined and organised. Nobody has to know that the inside of them may not be! Also, whereas with cupboards where things are stacked behind each other and can be tricky to locate, drawers tend to have items at hand.

Breakfast bars

If lack of space means you just cannot fit a table in, perhaps a small breakfast bar would help. Yes, you would need to use a bit of your cupboard space, but in return you get an area you can dine at. This always looks and feels great in a kitchen. Having a free standing breakfast bar means you could tuck seats underneath, so they would not get in the way or take up any valuable space. Being lightweight, QzStone worktops are perfect for breakfast bars!

Height of cupboards

An example of a floor to ceiling cabinet, making the most of the rooms space.

Taking cupboard units all the way to the ceiling is such a simple way of getting extra much needed storage. It can also help the eye travel all the way up the wall, helping with a visual of spaciousness. Here at QzKitchenMakoevers our cabinets and doors are all made to measure, so adding some extra height is something we can certainly help with.

All about colour

When working with a smaller kitchen colour is always a consideration as you really want to get the very best out of the space you have. Think white!

White lightens and brightens; it reflects light which enhances the sense of space as well as making the walls recede. Some people worry that white will look too clinical, but by varying your shades of white (yes, there are different shades of white!) that will not happen. Vary textures too and you can achieve a lovely airy space.

Whether you are working with a large or small space we can help you achieve your desired look and feel. Yes, a smaller space may need a little more thought and planning, but that is what we are here to help with. Call us today to have a chat on 0333 577 9266.

Thanks to Rune Enstad on Unsplash for the first image on this post.